About My Photography

Come and take a walk in the woods with me, or relax by a river or a lake. Bring your loved ones. Make a memory and let me record it for you.

It really is that simple.

I believe the experience of being photographed should be natural, fun and result in images that reflect who you really are. I believe in photographing what's really happening in your life in that moment: I like it when feelings and relationships shine through in the photographs I create.

Posing to take advantage of the light or to help people relax is part of my work style, but I don't believe in gimmicks or insisting on a pose just because it's trending on Pinterest. Often, those poses get copied because of the magic that photographer captured, not because of the pose itself. It's the feeling people love. Let's capture some magic of your own, okay?

Come on. Take a walk with me.

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