A Really, Really Fun Wedding

March 13, 2010

Last night and today I shot a very fun wedding. The Bride and her family are friends and that made it just great. It was raining-ALL DAY LONG-so our options for real creativity were somewhat limited, but with attractive and happy people, a lovely setting and a cheerful attitude, you can get what you need.

What I learned from this wedding:
  • I love the two really great lenses that I do own. I have a 50mm f/1.4 and a 70-200mm f/2.8.  Both of them are fast, reliable and I'm very comfortable with them.  I always get photos that I'm happy with while using those lenses.
  • I rented a fantastic 16-35mm f/2.8 lens and am so glad I did because now I know that I don't want to buy one. I need a bit more range. A 24-70mm or so would be more useful for weddings. I would still get the wide angle I need for large groups and landscapes, but I would not have to change lenses for more normal focal ranges. 
  • I need to study how to get more consistent results from my flash and also how to really make it talk to my new, more advanced camera. I got stuck a few times and was mystified as to why the camera thought it needed a slow shutter speed even though the flash was firing. 
  • Rain does not need to quash the mood of a wedding. Be willing to experiment, keep expectations realistic and include it as part of the story. 


  1. and might i say that it was really REALLY fun to have you there?! these are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. These are so great! That looks like it was a fun wedding. She's a great girl.


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