Telling the Story

March 29, 2010

Last week I helped out at a church youth activity by documenting it for the girls and their leaders.  No matter what the project, I simplify the task by reminding myself that my goal is always to tell the story.  I like photo-journalistic shots that show real life, real relationships and real people, so this kind of thing is fun for me. This was a pretty relaxed evening for me, but I still tried to get some nice, creative views of the evening.  So, here are some images that I think start to tell the story of this event, which is about a program that my church offers for teen-aged girls to set goals and make progress.

 I try not to do too much Photoshop work on my photos, but one area that I have grown rather bold in is composite images for large groups.  I take many, many of the same pose (I should have taken more here, and I need to get a wider angle lens-uff) so the lighting and image size are the same, then I can head swap to get the greatest number of happy faces possible.  I've learned several different techniques for doing it, but my favorite is to make a selection with nice feathered edges, copy it, then blend it in with the history brush and the clone stamp.  I get better every time I do it.  This was a quick job, so if you can find the composites, I'm okay with that. I needed to get it done, but if they want a large image of it, I can go back and refine the job.

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