Another Engagement

June 18, 2010

He is a friend, known since he was a young boy, so that was fun. She is a new friend, and delightful. Man, were they fun to photograph. So happy together and game for posing and walking around, and willing to tell their story. The location was another local gem: Wilde Lake Park. It is one of the less crowded of the Columbia, MD lakes, and it is really lovely, with a variety of landscaping, a stone boathouse and other nice settings. Plus, it was a special place for them, which I loved knowing.

What I Learned and Thought About:
  • This shoot was done entirely through the reliable eye of my big boy-the 70-200 mm, and taking a larger number of images of each pose helped a lot in making sure I had one that was dead-on focused in the right place.
  • Shooting at midday doesn't have to be a deal breaker. Use shade and fill flash if necessary. Someday I'll have an assistant to carry around a filter or scrim for me, but this park had enough options and there was just enough passing cloud cover to make it work.
  • After much experimentation, I think it best to use a minimalist approach to retouching an attractive, happy face that has suffered from some acne scarring. I wanted to show him at his best, but didn't want to make him look like he was wearing a mask. In some shots I used a bit of Lightroom's skin smoothing brush, but mostly I just used the healing brush where it seemed most needed.

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