Better Together

July 16, 2010

 Today I got to tag along and assist my good pal Corinne as she photographed our radiantly pregnant friend. It was so fun to work together and bounce ideas off of each other, share bits of knowledge, see how someone else works and just in general be inspired. This filled a little bit of my hunger. I highly encourage you to find a friend and go make some photographic harmony together. All of these are straight out of the camera, no processing yet. I'm not sure I'll do much except maybe smooth her belly a tiny bit and just add some punch and contrast to a few of them. I'll also experiment with B&W, naturally.

This is me shooting simultaneously with Corinne from another angle.

 This is Corinne shooting with me holding the sunshade.
This is Corinne shooting with her gorgeous eye and me holding the sunshade again.   

So, this one shows my contribution-the handle of the sunshade is showing in the upper left corner, but this is a perfect example of a series that wouldn't have been possible without two of us because of the dappled light in the thicket-the sunshade was a necessity.
This is my version of Hands.
This is Corinne's version of Hands. How awesome is that?


  1. This was TOO crazy fun and wouldn't have been half as great without you. Let's do it again :)

  2. How fun! I hope some of the people in my group are excited enough to continue with photography and come shooting with me sometime. Lovely!

  3. Kellie
    Thank you for all your help. It was so fun, and lovely getting to know you a little bit better. I love the images!


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