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July 11, 2010

I'm hungry. That's the only way I can describe it. I feel a great hole inside me regarding photography, wanting to go to a new level or learn a new skill or rediscover something or figure out something that's been eluding me. So, I'm looking for classes and workshops. I want to get with other photographers in a focused, artistic setting. I want to try film again-to compose an image based on what I know about aperture, film speed, light and shutter speed instead of always doing what the camera tells me to do. I used to do it all the time, now it scares me and I feel like I should do it again in the same way that I want to get back on a roller coaster or water ski again before I give into my fears and say I'm too old. I want to figure out what I'm really good at, what moves me, what makes me love to pick up my camera. I know the answers to some of those questions, but not all of them, so I want to go beyond what I can figure out on my own and learn more. I've been looking through folders upon folders of images trying to get to the nugget of my photography. I don't know if I've found it yet, but I've loved looking and have realized that I really, really do like making photographs, just for myself.

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  1. I am having that EXACT feeling! Only, mostly it's because I'm sort of teaching a class and I wish I knew more, and because I feel stagnant in my skills, and because I've been getting SO many requests from neighbors to do family photos that I've decided to go ahead and do a few family photo days this fall and make people actually PAY . . . sigh. I wish, I wish I knew where I could go to learn more. Most classes around here are SO beginner that it doesn't work for me, but I'm afraid an advanced class would leave me confused if I'm not up on everything "beginner." Ugh. I'll just have to practice and study on my own! If you find a workshop in Utah, I'm in. :)


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