September 27, 2010

On another cloudy afternoon I did a shoot in and around Savage Mill. The light was actually gorgeous, round and soft, but the clouds made it just dark enough that I had to open the shutter just a bit too much at times and there is some "creative" depth of field in a few of the group images. In spite of that, we did get some keepers that I like, and hopefully mom and dad will like as well. She's a photographer also and it is fun to shoot with someone who has ideas about backgrounds and posing because I feel like I have a partner. Good Times.

What I learned from this shoot:
  • I knew this, but it was confirmed: Don't always try to pose kids. Be in the right place at the right time when they do their thing and take lots of shots. None of the best shots of the kids were posed.


  1. They're great! Oh, I miss that place--I feel like I can't find a SINGLE PLACE to shoot here. Argh. The ones of the kids are wonderful, and my favorite is Jen and Kevin together. So cute. Good job.

  2. they're all great, but i do love that second one of jen and kevin together. lovely.


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