Bridals and Groomals

November 18, 2010

Yes, that's what they're called in some places. This was a pre-wedding shoot of a bride and groom who will be married on Saturday.  We had partly cloudy skies, and while we did deal somewhat with direct sunlight, we had enough shade, high overhead clouds and benefit from the slowly tilting earth of late autumn to give us rather nice light overall.  We lucked out for mid-to-late November and found lots of beautiful foliage. Overall I'm thrilled with the shots we got today and look forward to the actual ceremony and reception on Saturday.  The f/4 24-105 Canon L lens that I used was the rock star everyone says it is. Clear, vibrant, reliable, and comfortable.  Worth every penny.

PS. While some of these have some obvious post-processing effects quite visible, the red and orange leaves were not processed at all. In fact, I found that bumping up the saturation or the vibrance even the least bit made the leaves look strange. So, they are au naturel, straight out of the camera.

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  1. GORGEOUS! I'll have to look into that lens. I can't get used to the bride being in her dress with the groom before the wedding. But it is lovely to have those great shots AT the wedding.


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