November 15, 2010

This is the family of my running pal and they are very photogenic. It was easy and fun to capture lots of nice shots. It was windy, so I'll have to decide whether to do meticulous fixing of stray hairs. There are a couple shots in which I will do that, especially for the mom, then there are some facial blemishes that she told me about right from the get-go. Anyway, we didn't have much time so Savage Mill it was again. We didn't go up to Carroll Baldwin Hall, but I love how there are so many different options here that it never seems to get stale. These folks were very natural and playful with each other, so we got a lot of great personality showing through in the photos.

What I learned from this shoot:
  • I like to use aperture priority when I won't have the luxury to change the settings for each shot. I can choose the aperture based on the depth of field I need, then the camera does the rest. It allows for a lot more confidence and ease when working with families.

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  1. I use Av mode most too--my problem is I get lazy and forget to change aperture when I need to. I've gotten out of the habit of looking at each setting.

    These are beautiful! I miss those great locations you've got!


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