Winter Wedding

December 23, 2010

Yet again I had the privilege of photographing the family of a dear friend. It was a lovely time.  I've started working on the proofing in the middle of all the final Christmas prep, but I think I might be getting some new software from Santa Hubby, so I'm waiting a couple more days for the final work. :o)  I'm happy with what we were able to accomplish in some bitterly cold weather with all the challenges of flat light and snow.  It was just dark enough that I chose to raise my ISO a bit rather than use flash and wash everyone out even more. I'll have to decide after the real fiddly processing if that was the right decision or not.

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  1. I think they look beautiful! Very nice. And I know about that middle of Christmas prep processing! I just did a 3-hour shoot with toddlers! 400 pictures I have to process. Yeah. Not til after Christmas I'm sure . . .


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