Shootout at High Noon

June 4, 2011

This was an engagement shoot on a gorgeous May day from 10 am till about noon. Yep, the middle of the day. That's when we were all available, and because MD has so many trees and buildings, usually, we can make it work. Here are some of the images we got, thanks to the abundant trees and buildings, but there were some poses the couple wanted that just weren't possible because of various factors, mostly Old Sol banging down on us from nearly 90 degrees ascension.

They really wanted some shots beside and in the middle of the road, which offer great lines, symbolic richness and a nice perspective. But people don't realize just how reflective a seemingly black road can be in broad daylight-they're like mirrors, let me tell you. The one road shot we did get was due to some shade on the side of the road, but the contrast between the road and the shade was huge, so it's still a problematic image.

I love how what I've started learning in the darkroom has helped me with my digital skills. Many of the processes in lightroom and photoshop are based on something in the developing or printing process for film, and now that I better understand what goes into making a good print, I feel much more confidence making certain adjustments in pixels.

What I learned from this shoot:

  • Don't say no to a shoot because of the time of day. Look around and see how you can make it work. Open shade and indirect light can be found, even in the middle of the day. 
  • Be discerning in what you choose as proofs. I'm getting very economical on that score. My proofsets are getting smaller and smaller, which I think makes it easier for a client to choose. 
  • Remember your goodie bag with the hair gel and other helpful items. I left mine in the car as we walked all through the little town where she grew up and we could have used a few things at times. 

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