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September 26, 2011

Since I last posted, I've photographed two weddings officially, another unofficially, done a maternity session, and two commercial sessions.  I am still having fun and learning lots! Here are some recent images from one of the weddings, the maternity shoot and some of the commercial jobs, both of which were knitting-related, so they combined the best of both worlds. Some of the things I've been learning about include: 
  • HDR photography (to show both the brights and darks that the eye can naturally make out_)
  • The fun of a rainy-day wedding and how you can use an umbrella to hide an entire other wedding party that would otherwise be in your shot. 
  • Making pregnant women look and feel gorgeous.
  • Using natural light to effectively light products. 
  • The fact that a local photographer will rent her gorgeous studio in Savage Mill by the hour!
  • A new location for photo shoots, the Howard County Conservancy. 

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