October 25, 2011

Fall family photo shoots are a blast. The weather is nice, the trees are beautiful, and the kids are just so fun. This shoot was a lovely time at Savage Mill with a darling young family. The little boy wanted to hold my hand as we walked from site to site, and really, that is a serious job perk for me. Here are a few that show the mood of the day. The little girl was actually really good-natured the whole time, but at one point, for some reason she shot me this scathing look and I snapped away. She's still adorable, even with that look on her face.

What I learned from this shoot:

  • Going with an open heart makes photography a pleasure. I have been wanting to get to know this family from my congregation for a while now, and they already feel like friends, so I went with love in my heart, if that makes any sense at all. I realized that I can have that same attitude about all clients. If I treat them as friends, I will better connect with them and get better photos. I know this sounds so basic, and it's not like I'm not friendly to all my clients, since most of them are personal friends at this point, ha ha, I just seemed to notice the process of connecting this time. 
  • Going with my gut is also important. While I can and should continually add to my knowledge and try new ideas for posing, etc., I cannot be swayed by the work of other photographers or try to copy them. If I have confidence in what my eye is telling me, then my style will continue to develop and solidify. 

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