Advanced Pro Week 4 Homework

November 29, 2011

This week's assignment was about personal creativity and shooting around a theme of my choosing. Brooke's tutorials this week really resonated with me. She's a fan of Julia Cameron. I've gone in and out of the habit of using morning pages for years. They really are a powerful way to unblock the creativity within.  I think I bought The Artist's Way not too long after it came out-we were living in Atlanta. I also really, really appreciated that Brooke brought up a point that is very important to me-the fact that there are people out there that I'm meant to serve-we are a perfect fit and I'm the right photographer for them, whether I ever become known at all in larger circles. I feel like I do make a difference on an individual level when I get photos that are truly personally meaningful for someone.

As I went through the week, I was slammed with work (I've had 12 shoots in the last 5 weeks) and holiday preparations, and nothing was coming to me in terms of inspiration. I was actually feeling a bit of the burn-out that Brooke mentioned.  I decided to just be on the lookout for magic moments as we took our Thanksgiving trip. As I watched my son and nephew play in the hot tub at our hotel, I got my flash of inspiration. It was a combination of the light on the water and in the pool room and their hilarious relationship. I wanted to see what it was like to shoot the reflective surfaces of the water itself and their wet skin and try to capture the fun they were having without interfering.  I fancied myself on assignment for National Geographic.  I actually did write up a quick little shot list and grabbed my camera. Mostly I just walked around shooting. They hammed it up a bit, styling their hair in faux-hawks and wrestling and posing, but I didn't actually ask them to do anything, All of the shots where they are looking at the camera were a result of them saying, "Hey, take a photo of this!"

I am pleased with these images. I find them engaging and interesting, in much the same way that I love the editorial photos in my beloved NG (my first and perhaps most powerful influence as a photographer). They seem to me to be both journalistic but not completely removed from the situation at hand. I tried warming them up, but ended up liking the weird turquoise light of the pool room. I loved the way the multiple sources of light and reflection sculpted all the three-dimensional forms. Everything has highlights and shadows, but all the light is indirect and diffuse so none of the shadows are too harsh.

The first three are the ones I want feedback on.

J is sneaking up on E
Movement in the water made all sorts of fun reflections and refractions. I love the effect of the light
coming from all different directions. 
A study in form and line

Fuzzy hair after toweling off
They spent minutes staring at and commenting on their wrinkly hands


  1. WOOOW! I love the idea of using water and reflection as inspiration...very cool.

  2. Great job! I love the texture the water brings to the photo. The light and expressions are excellent!


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