First Assignment Evals

November 9, 2011

I love Brooke's suggestion to try this one in black and white. Much better and with much more impact. And maybe because I'm so used to always shooting with trees in the background here in the Great Eastern Forest where I live, I didn't even see the big tree behind them as a merger, but immediately with her master eye, Brooke saw the two edges of the tree trunk pointing straight to the girls' heads. I shoot in the woods all the time because there are so many of them near me. I will now look with a fresh eye for even the edges of trees. So, here is take 2 on this one, with the edges of the tree softened with some cloning, a slightly closer crop and the image converted to bw.  I can also drop the leaves out even more to blend the tree trunk, but I was dancing with losing the line of their hair and getting some artifacts if I fiddled too much.

The other comments were also spot on and very helpful-I was actually taking notes. :o) Unfortunately I can't change the crop on the one image where her hand is shaved off the tiniest bit and those monkey bars were curved, so I was not able to look down the whole length of them. I did have the same idea! Just to demonstrate what photos can mean to a family, here is what the mom said when I showed her these:
I especially love the one of J studying the "treasure" in her hand; it truly captures who she is. I used to say she was the "pickingest-up kid" and of course, she can get totally lost in her own personal examination of her latest find. The pic of H through the triangles is so meaningful...  when she was in first grade, she agonized over not being able to do those monkey bars. Every day she'd practice and practice, and every night I would agonize over the blisters and callouses on my sweet 6-yr-old's hands. Such tenacity, that kid has. And darned if she didn't lick that challenge along with all the others that come her way. This shot will remind us both of that whole experience for the rest of our lives. 

 Thanks to Brooke for all the time and attention she gave to each of our assignments!

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