Holiday Families

December 27, 2011

Here are images from some of the many holiday shoots I've had of late. I feel it is a privilege to be able to capture the ins and outs of family relationships and try to make images that reflect what family means. I really like Jesh de Rox's idea that an image that reminds us of what the others in our life really mean to us has the power to change behavior. I love imagining that someone comes home from a rough day at work, sees a photo on the wall that speaks love, acceptance, real interest and connection and maybe that image can smooth over some of the jagged edges and bring that individual fully home. I hope some of these captured moments do that for these families. 

This one was a long time ago, but I was busy posting homework shots. I've really enjoyed getting to know this family
and this image shows the big personalities they possess as well as the fun they have together. 

3 generations

I like this portrait of a dad and his kids, because he is a playing in the mud kind of dad. This shows a real part of their relationship. 

It was crazy times with 4 little ones, but I love how the two of them waved simultaneously. It's by no means "perfect" due to the cold and the wind and the babies all being tired of the shoot but the smiles are real and I like that. 
I'm actually quite thrilled with this shot because these two kids were not into
being photographed AT ALL. It took all our combined talents of letting them
run and play, then getting the parents in the right spot, then getting everyone
smiling at the same time. In the end, I think it is a happy shot that gets across
what it means to be mom and dad to two young children. 

This dad was so delighted and surprised when his daughters did this-I love his smile!

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