Senior Time at Fort McHenry

June 5, 2017

My friend wanted to photograph her son at Fort McHenry. It being a very popular National Monument, I thought it would be a complicated process to get a permit, but it turns out that it wasn't! I called and because it was going to be just me, my camera and the senior, no permit was needed. Cool!

We got there on a Friday morning just before the gates opened and even though there were a few other people in line, including a bus full of field-trippers, we hustled in ahead of the crowd and had the place literally to ourselves for about 45 minutes. We worked quickly since the sun was already high, but found plenty of spots that worked just fine. 

We had done lacrosse shots at the school a few weeks before, and then that evening, we fit in an outfit change. I'll remember that segment, because we were watching for thunderstorms and thought we'd meet up earlier to try and beat them, and instead ended up right in the middle of them. We got the shots in a 20-minute lull in the storms. Not ideal, but we made it work. 

He's an engaging, fun kid who made it easy to get some nice, natural images. Hopefully in a few weeks, we can get some pre-mission images! 

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