At the Edge of the Storm

July 29, 2017

For this session, I was asked to capture a very specific moment in the history of a family. It was a whirlwind evening. I drove 2 hours down to their house while they were driving home from a weekend away. I got there and the skies were ominous. The edge of a thunderstorm was overhead, so while the light was interesting, the rain and wind were an obstacle. We were literally racing the weather, so we had very little time and there was a sense of urgency. In addition, the circumstances themselves were delicate, so it was a challenge to get past the posing and logistics to that moment. 

Everyone had a great attitude though, and the beautiful bonds between them shined through.  In the end, I think we got the shots we wanted, and I'm glad for the chance to try. 

We also took the opportunity to get some portraits of these darling sisters. 

I loved chatting with them for a few moments to get a sense of their personalities.

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