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Come and take a walk in the woods with me, or relax by a river or a lake. Bring your loved ones. Make a memory and let me record it for you.

It really is that simple.

I believe the experience of being photographed should be natural, fun and result in images that reflect who you really are. I believe in photographing what's really happening in your life in that moment: I like it when feelings and relationships shine through in the photographs I create. If people are smiling in the photos, I want it to be because they feel happy and are actually enjoying that moment, rather than because they are forcing it just for the perfect pose.

Posing to take advantage of the light or to help people relax is part of my work style, but I don't believe in gimmicks or recreating the work of other photographers. Often, those poses get copied because of the moment, not because of the pose itself. It's the feeling people love. Let's capture some magic of your own!

My style of portraiture combines traditional posed looks with thoughtfully choreographed direction (games, prompts and help with posing) to encourage natural responses. One thing I hear often at the end of a session is "That was fun! Who knew a photo shoot could be fun?" I love hearing that, because my goal is to capture a moment in your lives that reflects your real expressions and relationships.

I understand, and I encourage my subjects to remember that babies don't always look at the camera, not everyone is comfortable being photographed, and there is a distinct difference between perfect and beautiful. You don't need to worry about the behavior of your children on this day--you're not being judged! I'm a mother of 5 children, 4 sons and a daughter, and there is literally nothing that will shock, dismay, or scare me. I'm on your side as a parent!  I believe in empowering and strengthening families. You are enough and I want you to feel that when you see the photos.

I work with families, children, seniors, and I take a limited number of weddings each year. I use the same approach with each subject in that I strive to create images that reveal the beauty of each individual.  Human beings are extraordinary, and I want you to feel that about yourself when you see the images we create at the session.  I truly enjoy my work and hope we can work together.

Come on. Take a walk with me.

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